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IT Staff Augmentation

Experiencing The Power Of IT Staff Augmentation In St Albans

The world of Information Technology moves at a breakneck pace, and companies must keep up with advancements and maintain a skilled, adaptable team that can do this. Enter Creative Think Digital; your go-to expert on IT staff augmentation in St Albans. We help businesses like yours gain the upper hand in the technology age.

A Partner In Your Digital Journey

A Companion On Your Digital Journey We believe in a strong partnership with our clients rather than just a vendor . We build trust and a sense of togetherness with our clients. By taking a strategic approach, we help identify your business needs and provide our best staff members to meet those needs.

Tailored solutions to your IT challenges

We acknowledge that each business aspect is different because it has its needs and strives. Therefore, our solutions are meant to be integrated with your own team. Our team of professionals will join your staff, guarantee smooth cooperation, and a company-wide approach to IT projects.

High quality IT specialists

Impeccable network management makes it possible to provide IT expertise of all kinds. From fruitful cooperation in a short-term project to non-stop support – we have professionals for every type of job.

Shorter Time-To-Hire

Our well-developed processes and connections within the industry allow us to decrease the time-to-hire considerably. We aim to enable you to follow your project timelines and not sacrifice the quality of work.

Scallable IT Staffing Solutions

If you are a startup in urgent need of initial IT support or an established business in need of scaling, we’re here to provide you with flexible staffing solutions. Our team analyzes your needs and provides staffing that can easily scale up or down.

Robust support and seamless integration

Our work doesn’t stop after we identify the suitable candidate for you. Sunknowledge ensures that the professionals are integrated into your teams and supported well to reap the best results. You get a more productive team that is ready to engage on your IT projects.

The cost-effective IT staff augmentation

Our IT staff augmentation services provide the skills you need without the cost of hiring full-time staff. Hence, it is a cost-effective solution for business that wants to expand their IT capabilities.

Your Success Is Our Success

Your success is our success at Creative Think Digital . We are dedicated to assisting you reach your company goals by doing the IT field work for you. We can assure you your IT projects are in great hands by using the services of Creative Think Digital. Rely on Creative Think Digital to Meet Your IT Staffing Demands Begin improving your IT staffing right now. Creative Think Digital look forward to leading to you with our experience in IT staff augmentation services in St Albans. Contact us with regard to your request. At Creative Think Digital, we offer new efficiency and productivity by our IT staff augmentation Services. Thousands of companies around St Albans have used our services to enhance their IT projects to greater heights. We look forward to extending the same courtesy to your firm .

IT Staff Augmentation St Albans
Pricing Plans

Technologies Experience Sub-Framework Hourly Rate (£) Daily Rate (£) (after 10% Discount) Monthly Rate (£) (after 20% Discount) Yearly Rate (£)(after 30% Discount)
ASP.NET Junior Developer (1 to 3 years) ASP.NET Core, MVC, WebForms £25-£35 £200-£280 £1600-£2240 £19200-£26880
Mid-Level Developer (3 to 5 years) - £40-£55 £320-£440 £2560-£3520 £30720-£42240
Senior Developer (6+ years) - £60-£75 £480-£600 £3840-£4800 £46080-£57600
Python Junior Developer (1 to 3 years) Django, Flask, Pyramid £30-£35 £240-£280 £1920-£2240 £23040-£26880
Mid-Level Developer (3 to 5 years) - £45-£55 £360-£440 £2880-£3520 £34560-£42240
Senior Developer (6+ years) - £60-£75 £480-£600 £3840-£4800 £46080-£57600
PHP Junior Developer (1 to 3 years) WordPress, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony £25-£35 £200-£280 £1600-£2240 £19200-£26880
Mid-Level Developer (3 to 5 years) - £40-£50 £320-£400 £2560-£3200 £30720-£38400
Senior Developer (6+ years) - £50-£65 £400-£520 £3200-£4160 £38400-£49920
JavaScript Junior Developer (1 to 3 years) React, Angular, Vue.js £30-£40 £240-£320 £1920-£2560 £23040-£30720
Mid-Level Developer (3 to 5 years) - £45-£60 £360-£480 £2880-£3840 £34560-£46080
Senior Developer (6+ years) - £70-£80 £560-£640 £4480-£5120 £53760-£61440
Flutter Junior Developer (1 to 3 years) Flutter £35-£40 £280-£320 £2240-£2560 £26880-£30720
Mid-Level Developer (3 to 5 years) - £40-£55 £320-£440 £2560-£3520 £30720-£42240
Senior Developer (6+ years) - £60-£75 £480-£600 £3840-£4800 £46080-£57600
Android Junior Developer (1 to 3 years) Android Framework £25-£30 £200-£240 £1600-£1920 £19200-£23040
Mid-Level Developer (3 to 5 years) - £35-£50 £280-£400 £2240-£3200 £26880-£38400
Senior Developer (6+ years) - £55-£70 £440-£560 £3520-£4480 £42240-£53760
iOS Junior Developer (1 to 3 years) iOS Framework £30-£35 £240-£280 £1920-£2240 £23040-£26880
Mid-Level Developer (3 to 5 years) - £35-£50 £280-£400 £2240-£3200 £26880-£38400
Senior Developer (6+ years) - £55-£70 £440-£560 £3520-£4480 £42240-£53760

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