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IT Staff Augmentation

Forging Ahead With Creative Think Digital

Creative Think Digital. Businesses need to be agile, creative, and competitive in the world of digital innovation. Creative Think Digital are the essence, the leading solution

The Essence Of IT Staff Augmentation

IT staff augmentation is a business feature that integrates your staff with specialized high-tech masters for your business software. It is fully flexible and allows you to get the best for your team when you need it.

The Value Of IT Staff Augmentation In Preston

Unmatched IT staff augmentation in Preston can solve your IT department’s capacity concerns. Through our strong and excellent staff augmentation services, you will have access to a wide range of experts, flexibility in staffing, and increase in operation efficiency. You achieve these results without any additional costs to recruiting and training full-time employees.

The Creative Think Digital Way

At Creative Think Digital, we have modernized this process to ensure that we find you the best talent paths in the industry in the shortest time possible. Moreover, these professionals integrate effortlessly with your current operations with the least intrusion.

Define Your Needs: We begin by thoroughly understanding your unique project needs, technical requirements, and company culture. This knowledge enables us to match you with the ideal candidates.

Find the Ideal Talent: We leverage a diverse global talent pool and perform rigorous evaluations to confirm that their skills, experience, and dedication match your needs.

Integration and Ongoing Support: We ensure that these professionals are seamlessly integrated into your current teams and that you receive ongoing assistance throughout the engagement.

Review Performance and Modify Strategy: To ensure project tempo and productivity are maintained, we conduct routine performance reviews and make necessary alterations to our strategy.

Creative Think Digital The Competitive Advantage

Using Creative Think Digital’s IT staff augmentation in Preston is not only gap-filling. Our services come with multiple advantages that help you with optimizing your operations, improve project delivery, and support the scale.

Your access to global talent

With Creative Think Digital, you receive a broad network of global experts in IT of all sorts. From any technologies to any competencies, we have your back covered.

Scalable and flexible teams

The option of rapidly scaling the team up and down provides means for optimal staffing at any moment.

Cost-effective Solutions

IT staff augmentation in Preston eliminates the overhead costs involved in hiring full-time employees. You simply pay for the services of the particular expertise you need solely for the period of your project.

Targeted expertise

Our professionals possess a particular tailored expertise essential for your project. You will get professionals with niche specialties that boost your team capability to handle multi-faceted projects and achieve tight deadlines.

Driving Success Across Industries

IT staff augmentation in Preston has empowered countless businesses from new-age start-ups to time-honored Fortune 500 companies. We have efficiently delivered tech experts fit to manage one technology or another, piloting projects with the expertise necessary to excel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Sectors Do You Serve?

Our talent pool is tailored to suit you, with clients in IT and Technology, Finance, Healthcare, and E-commerce, among many others.

How Quickly Can You Supply Staff?

Our team can provide staff in response to your timelines, one that is contingent on the required skill. Nonetheless, because of our extensive network, we can place hopefuls within days.

Can I Adjust Team Size As Needed?

Yes, our IT staff augmentation model is created with maximum flexibility. As a result, you may scale your personnel based on project flow and demands.

IT Staff Augmentation Preston
Pricing Plans

Technologies Experience Sub-Framework Hourly Rate (£) Daily Rate (£) (after 10% Discount) Monthly Rate (£) (after 20% Discount) Yearly Rate (£)(after 30% Discount)
ASP.NET Junior Developer (1 to 3 years) ASP.NET Core, MVC, WebForms £25-£35 £200-£280 £1600-£2240 £19200-£26880
Mid-Level Developer (3 to 5 years) - £40-£55 £320-£440 £2560-£3520 £30720-£42240
Senior Developer (6+ years) - £60-£75 £480-£600 £3840-£4800 £46080-£57600
Python Junior Developer (1 to 3 years) Django, Flask, Pyramid £30-£35 £240-£280 £1920-£2240 £23040-£26880
Mid-Level Developer (3 to 5 years) - £45-£55 £360-£440 £2880-£3520 £34560-£42240
Senior Developer (6+ years) - £60-£75 £480-£600 £3840-£4800 £46080-£57600
PHP Junior Developer (1 to 3 years) WordPress, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony £25-£35 £200-£280 £1600-£2240 £19200-£26880
Mid-Level Developer (3 to 5 years) - £40-£50 £320-£400 £2560-£3200 £30720-£38400
Senior Developer (6+ years) - £50-£65 £400-£520 £3200-£4160 £38400-£49920
JavaScript Junior Developer (1 to 3 years) React, Angular, Vue.js £30-£40 £240-£320 £1920-£2560 £23040-£30720
Mid-Level Developer (3 to 5 years) - £45-£60 £360-£480 £2880-£3840 £34560-£46080
Senior Developer (6+ years) - £70-£80 £560-£640 £4480-£5120 £53760-£61440
Flutter Junior Developer (1 to 3 years) Flutter £35-£40 £280-£320 £2240-£2560 £26880-£30720
Mid-Level Developer (3 to 5 years) - £40-£55 £320-£440 £2560-£3520 £30720-£42240
Senior Developer (6+ years) - £60-£75 £480-£600 £3840-£4800 £46080-£57600
Android Junior Developer (1 to 3 years) Android Framework £25-£30 £200-£240 £1600-£1920 £19200-£23040
Mid-Level Developer (3 to 5 years) - £35-£50 £280-£400 £2240-£3200 £26880-£38400
Senior Developer (6+ years) - £55-£70 £440-£560 £3520-£4480 £42240-£53760
iOS Junior Developer (1 to 3 years) iOS Framework £30-£35 £240-£280 £1920-£2240 £23040-£26880
Mid-Level Developer (3 to 5 years) - £35-£50 £280-£400 £2240-£3200 £26880-£38400
Senior Developer (6+ years) - £55-£70 £440-£560 £3520-£4480 £42240-£53760

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