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IT Staff Augmentation

Introducing Creative Think Digital's Staff Augmentation Services

Hiring the perfect IT talent is challenging and time-consuming for Creative Think Digital. However, our IT staff augmentation service is available to all businesses in Londonderry. We provide you with dedicated professionals who are experienced, skilled, and excited to join your team and fulfill the project. It is the perfect solution for companies with uncertain project levels: we offer you the flexibility to expand or shrink your team based on your current budget and requirements.

Why Choose IT Staff Augmentation In Londonderry

Selecting staff augmentation services in Londonderry implies you are placing your money in high-end IT talent in your close proximity. This option is associated with many advantages, including huge savings, improved performance, flexibility, and more influence on your projects. It enhances your organization’s ability to quickly adapt to changing market dynamics and technology trends, giving you an edge in the rapidly evolving digital world.

Our Approach To IT Staff Augmentation

Creative Think Digital focuses on a customer green-light approach in providing IT staff augmentation. Our first step always involves understanding your specific needs, the specific skills you require, and the problem areas. We select professionals who are not only technically capable but also share the same company culture with you . This approach creates a harmonious working relationship between your permanent staff and the professionals we bring on board.

Proficient And Diverse IT Professionals

Our team of IT experts is also experienced and varied, highly skilled in multiple technology areas, platforms, and working paradigms. If you want a cloud expert, data analyst, cybersecurity personnel, or software developer, you’ve come to the right partner. Our IT personnel augmentation facilities are based on a long-term collaboration that is determined to encourage your company as much as possible.

Flexibility And Scalability With Staff Augmentation

Our IT staff augmentation approach is built on flexibility and scalability. With the possibility to downsize your team or enlarge it on short notice, you never have to worry about overheads, which are frequently associated with permanent staff. Indeed, if permanent employees mean long-term commitment, our approach emphasizes dynamism and readiness to respond to any change in functional demands.

Securing Business Continuity

Moreover, IT staff augmentation is crucial for maintaining a business in the conditions of unpredictability . As we provide a pool of IT professionals, who are recruited in advance, you can use them in case of unpredictable situations, including a sudden increase in workload or the key employee’s leaving. Therefore, by introducing our service, one can make sure that his or her business will be resilient under unpredictability.

Partner With Creative Think Digital

When you select Creative Think Digital for IT staff augmentation in Londonderry, you aren’t simply getting outstanding IT talent. You are forming a partnership with a company that is dedicated to seeing you succeed. We want to work together to help each other grow and be reliable sources of long-term success. Contact us to help you realize your IT objectives and take your business to new heights of success. Our Londonderry staff augmentation This is the way to go. We only offer high-quality, efficient, and dependable IT professionals and are dedicated to your success. Call, email, or fill out the form to reach our team today. We want to be the firm that helps you push your company forward.

IT Staff Augmentation Londonderry
Pricing Plans

Technologies Experience Sub-Framework Hourly Rate (£) Daily Rate (£) (after 10% Discount) Monthly Rate (£) (after 20% Discount) Yearly Rate (£)(after 30% Discount)
ASP.NET Junior Developer (1 to 3 years) ASP.NET Core, MVC, WebForms £25-£35 £200-£280 £1600-£2240 £19200-£26880
Mid-Level Developer (3 to 5 years) - £40-£55 £320-£440 £2560-£3520 £30720-£42240
Senior Developer (6+ years) - £60-£75 £480-£600 £3840-£4800 £46080-£57600
Python Junior Developer (1 to 3 years) Django, Flask, Pyramid £30-£35 £240-£280 £1920-£2240 £23040-£26880
Mid-Level Developer (3 to 5 years) - £45-£55 £360-£440 £2880-£3520 £34560-£42240
Senior Developer (6+ years) - £60-£75 £480-£600 £3840-£4800 £46080-£57600
PHP Junior Developer (1 to 3 years) WordPress, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony £25-£35 £200-£280 £1600-£2240 £19200-£26880
Mid-Level Developer (3 to 5 years) - £40-£50 £320-£400 £2560-£3200 £30720-£38400
Senior Developer (6+ years) - £50-£65 £400-£520 £3200-£4160 £38400-£49920
JavaScript Junior Developer (1 to 3 years) React, Angular, Vue.js £30-£40 £240-£320 £1920-£2560 £23040-£30720
Mid-Level Developer (3 to 5 years) - £45-£60 £360-£480 £2880-£3840 £34560-£46080
Senior Developer (6+ years) - £70-£80 £560-£640 £4480-£5120 £53760-£61440
Flutter Junior Developer (1 to 3 years) Flutter £35-£40 £280-£320 £2240-£2560 £26880-£30720
Mid-Level Developer (3 to 5 years) - £40-£55 £320-£440 £2560-£3520 £30720-£42240
Senior Developer (6+ years) - £60-£75 £480-£600 £3840-£4800 £46080-£57600
Android Junior Developer (1 to 3 years) Android Framework £25-£30 £200-£240 £1600-£1920 £19200-£23040
Mid-Level Developer (3 to 5 years) - £35-£50 £280-£400 £2240-£3200 £26880-£38400
Senior Developer (6+ years) - £55-£70 £440-£560 £3520-£4480 £42240-£53760
iOS Junior Developer (1 to 3 years) iOS Framework £30-£35 £240-£280 £1920-£2240 £23040-£26880
Mid-Level Developer (3 to 5 years) - £35-£50 £280-£400 £2240-£3200 £26880-£38400
Senior Developer (6+ years) - £55-£70 £440-£560 £3520-£4480 £42240-£53760

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